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Financial/Economic Top Financial Linguist

We provide translation services in a variety of financial/economic fields
ranging from different kinds of investment reports to asset securities reports of general companies under a reliable confidentiality system.

Chris Translation has accumulated experience in translation of documents that general companies distribute to investors. These documents include analyst's reports in the investment market and asset securities reports. Our reliable confidentiality system ensures safe, reliable communications.

Recently, financial and economic systems, mechanisms, and techniques have rapidly become more sophisticated. This trend requires translators to acquire more sophisticated technical knowledge of the industry and constantly collect the latest information. Our staff, who are familiar with different financial industries including banks, life insurance, and securities, and with the current situations of the investment markets in different countries, support your sensitive, precise communications.


As business activities have become increasingly globalized, the demand for translation of asset securities reports and financial statements of general companies has been growing. Countless customers have placed their trust in our rigorous quality control system for proper handling not only of individual figures and expressions, but also of complex document structures.

For translation in financial/economic fields, leakage of information may cause serious problems. Chris Translation has provided its own security policies and maintains a firm attitude about confidentiality.

We not only establish rules and make staff strictly adhere to them, but also always provide strict education for all staff involved in translation processes to maintain their keen awareness of confidentiality.

Track Record in 2018

n Financial/economic: 2,238 orders
• Financial news e-mail service
• Asset securities reports
• Financial statements
• Sales reports
• Balance sheets
• Accounting software manuals
• Invitations to shareholders' meetings
• Bank articles
• Annual reports
• Weekly reports
• News articles
• Press releases
• Articles on economic assistance for Northeast Asia

Business and corporate interpreting Services are pivotal for the maturation, growth, market potential and the sustainability of your businesses, especially online where you have to use the internet as your sword and shield.

This is an art that we progressively excel in. Anywhere and at any point in the world, Chris Translation: the best ally interpreter for your corporate meetings and events. Customer relationship is dependent on the strength of your methods adopted in communicating effectively, your communication relies on the skill and experience of the  professional interpreter(s) delivering your brand's message and no one wants these sorts of delicate assignments allocated to the amateurs. In order to completely steer clear from unnecessary errors, you should choose only proven experts for this tasks which is why you should choose us - Chris Translation. We are the most reliable business interpreting service providers creatively putting out the exact context of your messages without errors.

Our vast pool of passionate interpreters work around the clock to collaborate and correctly pass your ideas and intent across to audiences or visitors with different language. Chris Translation -your favorite professionals Interpreting Service provider for Conferences & Meetings will always serve as a bridge that connects two or more speakers with each other. This can be reinforced by the fact that we over a hundred and fifteen (115) languages that can be in the form of documents, conference calls, manuals, website contents, presentations and so much or even extremely high volume request which we consider to be relatively simple with the quality of the best minds made available to you.

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Financial/Economic Top Financial Linguist
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