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Although Linguistic Validation is a term from the clinical trials field, the philosophy behind it should not be foreign to anyone requiring translation. The goal of Linguistic Validation is to have a multi-step approach to verify the equivalence of meaning and the reliability of a translation when compared to the original. While every translation should have high quality standards, some types of translation, such as the those for patient-facing materials in a clinical trial, require more steps and auditable records in case there are any reasons for re-review.

Scientific texts are usually written for experts around the world and contain important study findings, investigations and research results. They are written using scientific language and often contain a multitude of field-specific terms. Universities, colleges and research institutions rely heavily on professional translators, who translate scientific texts accurately. 

The content of the text and reference to the current state of research and literature must be conclusive, correct and consistent. Because the contents of these field-specific texts and their translations are often used in science by further authors or quoted as sources in the preparation of one own new scientific literature, accurate translation is of considerable importance. The scientific translation, therefore, may not contain any errors and must be prepared with great care by a competent, qualified translator. 

Track Record in Business Translation

n Computers
• Manuals
• Press releases
• White papers
• e-Learning
• Instruction manuals
• Case studies
• Function descriptions
• Strategic analysis reports
• i-mode
• Online help (Help, HTML)
• User interfaces
• Documentation manuals

n Machinery
• Installation guidebooks
• Medical equipment manuals
• Vibration test reports
• Data sheets
• Brochures
• Defect inspection reports
• Specifications
• Fluidized incinerators
• Materials for technology assemblies
• Design descriptions

n Electricity/electronics
• Direct current power source for exciting superconducting coils
• Requirements specific to products
• Electronic notarization
• Written quality standards
• High-frequency power meters
• GPS receivers
• Substance surveys
• Function descriptions
• Image distribution network systems
• High-speed memory devices

n Semiconductors
• Function descriptions
• Semiconductor equipment and manufacturing techniques
• User manuals
• Mounting specifications

n Chemistry
• Research papers
• Press releases
• Measurement result reports
• Material Safety Data Sheets
• Research and development of new drugs
• Application forms for registration of ceramic inks

n Pharmaceutical/Medical
• Research papers on medical science
• Abstracts
• Manuals for treatment
• Toxicity assessments
• Methods for validation
• Applications to FDA
• Summaries of electronic applications
• Catalogs of designated drugs
• Clinical evaluations
• Reports about cosmetic ingredients
• Written drug manufacturing approval
• Medical equipment (manufacturing approval, manuals, catalogs)
• Applications for approval of agricultural chemicals
• Veterinary medicines, veterinary science

n Construction/civil engineering
• Question and answer sheets for repair work
• Cyclic loading tests and analytical considerations
• Highway bridge specifications, descriptions
• Site preparation support systems

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